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Template API

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A template API is an application programming interface that enables the creation and management of templates for a given software system. Templates are pre-defined structures or formats that can be used to create new content, such as documents, emails, or web pages, based on a consistent set of design and formatting rules.

A template API typically provides a set of methods or endpoints that allow developers to create, modify, and retrieve templates, as well as to use them to generate new content. For example, a template API for a web content management system might allow developers to create templates for different types of web pages, such as blog posts, product pages, or landing pages, and to specify the layout, content structure, and styling for each template.

By using a template API, developers can create a more efficient and consistent approach to content creation, as well as reduce the amount of repetitive coding required to generate new content. Template APIs are commonly used in a variety of applications, including content management systems, email marketing platforms, and document automation software.