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RapidAPI opens European headquarters at the new location in Berlin

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The European location in the middle of Berlin's tech district will serve as one of the company's main research and development centers

BERLIN, July 12, 2022 - RapidAPI, provider of the world's largest API marketplace, today announced the opening of its new office in Berlin, which will serve as the European headquarters for the fast-growing company. As one of the main centers for research and development, the Berlin location will play a central role in the presence of RapidAPI in the rapidly growing developer network. The location in the newly renovated factory in Berlin's tech district will employ teams from different product, technology and operational areas. The number of employees will thus increase tenfold throughout Germany by the end of 2022. To mark the grand opening of the site, company founder and CEO Iddo Gino and other executives from RapidAPI sites around the world will be present at the grand opening tonight.

“We can't think of a better place for our European headquarters. Berlin is a vibrant metropolis with a robust and successful developer community and a great talent pool. The central location allows us to connect to customers across Europe,” said Iddo Gino, Founder and CEO of RapidAPI. “Our goal is to empower developers to create transformative software applications and integrations. The technological know-how at our Berlin location will play a central role in this.”

The Berlin location signals RapidAPI's ongoing commitment not only to the German market, but also to Europe as an important region in its global presence. In addition to Berlin, RapidAPI also has a global presence in San Francisco, Tel Aviv and Tallinn. As part of its investment in the city, the company plans to play an active role in Berlin's growing developer community, including by attending industry-wide events and hosting its own developer meetups at its premises in the coming ones months.

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